Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The rightest weekend I could have

Last weekend was long enough to my satisfaction and exactly as I craved for… craved apparently since ages. One would wonder what thrilling did I do… Nothing, I just spent time with some of my good-old best friends. Nothing beats just sitting on the windowsill and chatting. I had invited a friend to stay at my place over the weekend.

I managed to find the photo albums of our hostel days, we rolled down on floor laughing, looking at the old snaps. Remembered old common jokes & teased each other on stupid acts that we used to do in hostel. We went to college and visited the porch that we spent four years sitting on :). In PLs, (Preparatory leave) I used to study in college corridors, porches and lawns. Its so nice to visit those places where we spent most beautiful years of our life - lingering around, doing monkey business with our class-mates & lecturers… I saw the place where I was ragged & the place where I used to rag my juniors. Ohh, ragging reminds me of a colleague who worked in my dept for an year and freshly told me “U remember, the guy whom u ragged in college for an hour and made him jump to collect leaves of a tree, tats me!!!” (Oh God, why is the World is so small!!!)

Anyways, coming back to our topic… me and my friend (who just visited my place) were the most notorious in our hostel. We shared our memories of getting held for deeds that we didn’t actually do. One day our warden woke up & found her locked inside her room ha ha… and without any other thought, she caught me. (THOUGH IT WASN’T ME this time :)) I remember the warden always telling me “U know what Amita, whenever I see in your eyes I get worried about what mischief is she going to do now. You are so mischievous!” And I used to be like “Oh, am I?” ha ha ha

Ha… my friend and I forgot to talk about the day when I slapped a girl; I acted as if I was very heated and my friend pretended to mollify the angry me, ha ha. It became a big issue later. Wow, those days were fun and full of happening events!

Oho, again coming back to present… last weekend, we even went to Darshani and Durga. I was happy to see the uncle in Darshani still remembering that I used to have “extra strong coffee”. At times, I used to go to Darshani all alone to have that madrasi coffee.

We had coffee just walked a mile together. But it seems like an energizer very effectual and very much essential.

Whee, I am so happy…
Hey God, thanks for the beautiful concept that u created – friends!

Monday, August 22, 2005

PUNE trafffffic - revised

I am happy to see that SPTM has grown to a size that it can approach Government officials for the good. Though I am not able to give enough time to this Movement, at least I have a satisfaction that I am adding to its strength & doing whatever possible.
I do believe that this Movement will help improve our traffic state of affairs.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cleaning up the house

Last weekend was the time slotted to clean up the house by throwing away old items. Hmm… here’s another difficult task. I had to convince my mom-in law to throw away all old ‘khandaani’ stuff, which was almost a perseverance test in itself!

Me: mom, I’ll throw this jar, looks very old and unused
Mom-in law: Nah… it’s such a useful thing
Me: when have we last used it?
Mom-in law: aammmmmmm (thinking)
Father-in law with a twinkle in his eyes: I remember, we used it some 5 years back
Me: what??? Ok, cool, I m throwing it off
Mom-in law: waittt. It’s needed whenever ur aunt-in law gives her special pickle (?)
Me: ahaan, and how often does this aunt give her “special pickle”?
Father-in law again helped: She’s already left India, ha ha!
Me: ohhhh! DONE! I’ve thrown it off!

This was just one incidence, here’s another one.

Me: dad, what do we do with these wires & the broken cordless phone?
Father-in law: heyyy u ladies don’t understand importance of such things
Me: Hello... plz explain the use of rusted wires
Father-in law: Ohh, they r rusted is it? Hmmm, ok, throw the wires but not the phone
Mom-in law came to rescue: Listen, u have kept this broken phone since years and occupied this space, let her throw it off
Father in law: I am going to make a wonderful thing out of its parts
Mom-in law again: you’ve been saying this from 2 years; I am fed up maintaining such useless things (screamed)
Me: Yes mom, I understand ur plight :)

Now the next incident was heart-breaking for me :( :( :(

Me: hey, what r u gonna do with this toy-gun, give it to ur cousin
Shan: no way! I want the gun
Me: WHAT??? Are you going to play with this gun?
Him: Not like James Bond off course!
Me: then what?
Him: I’ll make a target & practice shooting the bulls eye; And I am keeping it in my drawer, ok!
Me: CRAZY! :(

As they say: "Housekeeping ain't no joke." :)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Atom feeds and blogging

Hey, this is cool... I got this info from a friend’s blog.
Firstly, I liked the concept of XML feeds a lot… its too good. You don’t have to visit tens of websites for news updates, health updates and so on. Moreover u can mark all updates as ‘read’ and occasionally get rid of all feed pop-ups.
I find a gr8 scope here of convincing ‘potency of xml’ to a lay man.

Facing a POPy (Problem of plenty), I opted for a feed-reader from
source forge.

Another cool feature I discovered today is adding atom feeds from our blog to feed readers / browsers like firefox / sites like my yahoo. I always used to wonder that whenever a friend of mine adds a new post, I should come to know right away…

Just add /atom.xml to your feed-reader. Say for a feed to Suni’s blog I added