Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Last Day

Today is my last day in Selectica… I’ve been associated with it for almost 3 years by now.
Leaving with a mixture of feelings; this is the place, where I got the first glimpse of IT world; an ideal work-place as I think. But there is a whole wide world yet to be explored. Finally, time has come to move on.
I was preparing for this day since a week or so… taking backups... forming Good-Bye mails (I call it a Bye-mail rather than ‘Good-Bye-mail’)... getting list of people to be contacted before leaving and what not.
Generally people leave with a sigh of relief… but it’s not the case about me. I have good memories.
I felt very good to see many replies to my ‘Bye-mail’. I don’t know what to write about this… but felt like expressing my gratitude towards Selectica in some way.
No matter how much people crib about old-jobsI am proud to be an ex-Selectican!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Doing nothing… Being no-one…

My messenger status these days is ‘Doing nothing… Being no-one…’ Actually speaking, I am very busy at home and also at work. But being busy doesn’t help me avoid this feeling. It seems that life is going on & on, the same mundane chores. As such I am surrounded by people, but something is earnestly missing. I wondered what it could be.

Yesterday while chatting with a close friend, I realized that she is also as lost as I am. And she said… ‘ams, look what has happened to us, we need to meet!’
Ohhhh, here I get about what’s happening… I haven’t met any of my close friends since long long time. I am being a a wife or a daughter at home, Consultant in office, but rarely am I being myself. I don’t remember the last time I laughed for nothing. Not that I don’t enjoy with my family, but being with close friends is something different, something essential. I cherish my old friends like anything. Rather I would say, may God never leave anyone friend-less, it’s horrible.