Sunday, March 26, 2006

Friends can make the magic!

It was an uninteresting week apart from the movie that we saw on Thursday by bunking office ;). The worst part - my PM called up to get me working on the assigned work. Two of our close friends were coming to our place and I had to think of a new reason to leave early. Off course I managed to do that :)

Friday was great, we had meals together, made fun of each other and laughed a lot. Went to Manas resort, did some boating; went to Durga for cold-coffee and then… went to the place where we freaked out for years together, our MIT!

We visited all the departments and spent lot of time on our favorite – Comp Porch. There was a girl…. She saw us behaving weird and hyper. Finally she asked “Are u guys pass-outs from this college?” Yes… we are pass-outs from this college and there are thousands of good memories rushing in our minds right now. We started remembering the common conversations we used to have sitting on this porch…

Hey, someone, please give me the index for CL2 journal…
Yaar… mera number hai, tu mere baad lena, ok!
Richa ya Ali kaha hai, unko dhundo, pakka unka sab kuchh complete hoga…
Are… mujhe ek blank graph paper dena… wo stationary wala maaz kar raha hai

:) WOW…. It was fun yaar!… we spent days and nights here for studying, completing journals, practicing dance, drama or for just doing nothing at all!

Okay… let’s come out of those nostalgic feelings!

Four of us were missing other members of our group (who happily got married and conveniently forgot us :)). We watched the video of our last trip to Mahabaleshwar with a craving to have another trip soon. That video reminded us of old practical jokes like a stranger offering one of our friends for a gay-relationship “Will you say yes or will you say no?” :)). Also, who would want to get in a situation like my friend did. While speeding his new bike he toppled over a pig that was also speeding around the corner of the road. My friend got hospitalized, but the thing which irritated him the most was that nothing happened to the pig. It gave a dirty look n left the victim n his not-so-new bike, lying on the road.

Hmmm… I can think of loads of such incidents, but everything cannot be written. I hope my friends keep coming back to the place where we first met and revive those fantastic moments in MIT.

Here we are, on the same porch, 3 years after leaving its shelter, missing all others who were with us…

Monday, March 13, 2006

I am in love.....

WOW... I am in love! It’s been a while since I earnestly wanted a good one. It’s too good and up to my expectations. Here are few pics that Shantanu captured from our window. We haven't yet acquired good expertise, but we could manage to capture some good snaps.

Full Size
Moon: As beautiful it is!

Full Size
A low light trial

Full Size
Kingfisher from our backyard... open this pic in full size and see, it's amazzzing!

Full Size
another one from window!

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A yellow light trial (indoor)!

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:) onions can also be beautiful!

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My sis-in-law n' me at Kiva

Monday, March 06, 2006

Just got a Canon S2 IS!
I am excited to use it.... will post some quality pictures as soon as I am able to grab some.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The longer we live, more beautiful life becomes!

Just read this as ‘Quote of the day’. I don’t think it is quote of the day anymore… definitely not for any one of us… ruthlessly struggling, and stretching our lives like anything! There is no end to it… we are going to do this forever!

Shan and I always envy the way his father lives… He owns a small shop of self-cooked non-veg food. His clients are literally crazy for him and his culinary skills. Apart from the fact that he is THE BEST in that field, he doesn’t want to expand his shop or open another outlet… He loves what he is doing and encourages all of us to enjoy life to its fullest. He is always there for us whenever we want to talk to him. Every month or so, he has to visit Mahabaleshwar with mom, just because he loves it. He shuts down his shop when there is India-Pak match :)
An amazing personality who is doing wonderfully well in this field and also knows how beautiful this life is.

I am not sure whether we will ever be able to decide where to stop!