Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Too good to believe!

(I had started this article long time back but somehow didn’t complete it then; here it goes…)

Sometimes, things ….or rather deals seem too good to believe… and you fail to understand what could be the catch. Fortunately or unfortunately we got some ‘too good’ deals for our apartment and the car. Apartment seems pretty close to the office, cheap, good management, quiet area and what not! Moreover they gave us monthly discount under ‘preferred employer’ category. Highly surprising thing is that the apt manager said I have a great credit history and she waived my security deposit!!!

About the car…. Yeah that also looks like a good deal… Saturn L200, just 5 years old with just 74K miles; carfax report is clean and Kelley blue book values it double the price that we got it in!!! Well in such times, I feel blessed and I normally thank god & elders for blessing me and I also thank my well-wishers for all the good luck endowed on me!

This feeling is something like ‘is it me or is it love’ :P


Monday, April 23, 2007

A calm Sunday morning, cup of coffee and peace of mind!



Rain forest

Today we went to Arizona mills mall... saw Dinosaurs 3D in IMAX. It was cool... wasn't upto my expectations... i mean i was expecting more of shocks and thrills ;) ... but it was more of a documentary! Anyway... had good time hanging out in the mall...
(Somehow flickr slideshow doesnt show titles and comments, too bad!!!)


Saturday, April 14, 2007

new TV

bought a 27'' TV today! cool, i m excited but dont have time to write a blog :(... will come back in some time.