Sunday, July 16, 2006

Daily extended (by

As I read on Friday morning…
Today you start to sense that a healthy feeling of fulfillment has been missing from your life. You've been admirably shifting your energies around to many different people, career prospects or self-improvement options, and this fluidity has kept you busy enough to distract you from what you're missing. But today, you see something you want -- and wonder what you have to do to get it. The answer will arrive soon, in a very obvious (and attractive) package.

I waited till the night for the attractive package… thought it could be any of the many things… may be a surprise credit of huge amount in my account :) or… my boss thinks that I am eligible for a month of vacation ... wow… it could be even better … I get scholarship for MBA and I get out of this shitty “software programmer” world!
It could be another re-structuring in my company and I get laid off… being a free bird I get enlightened to become a professional photographer.

In a fraction of second my mind went through thousands of dreams and then Outlook flashed the meeting reminder to get me out of this.

Sun set and the day was over soon… nothing happened :(