Thursday, May 10, 2007

My love for cooking (?)

These days, there is a distinctive change in my behavioral pattern characterized by special culinary instincts! Right from the day we took charge of this apartment, I've been cooking a variety of dishes... Chicken kolhapuri, biryani, butter chicken, veg dhansak, pav bhaji, pasta, vada paav and what not... things which I never though I would do. And you know what, I make pretty good food!

This behavior of mine was a sweet surprise to my hubby too: P.... he once asked me, "do u really enjoy cooking? how can u be so enthu about it suddenly, when u were never so in past 3 years(!)?" LOL.... and my diplomatic response was "amm... I should say I love eating :D".

I always knew that I am not a great cook or an innovative cook like a friend of mine. (I was a decent one though.) But for sure, I never ever craved to cook anything. One reason of this could be the fact that everything was so readily available in Pune. It's such a wonderful city... whatever u feel like eating, there is a restaurant/ tapari famous for that particular dish, serving it exactly as u love it! Be it dosa, pav bhaji, paratha, kathi kabab or just pani-puri! Most importantly, there is always mom at home who keeps your taste buds active.

I remember once a friend and I had decided to just chat all night. (Shantanu was on a boy’s night out. And my “girl’s night out” idea turned out to be a fiasco since only 3 girls were part of that party L) Anyway, after that “girl’s party” of total 3 girls, two of us decided to come home and chat for rest of the time. (the chat we had deserves another post!!) At 3 am, I suddenly got an urge to eat ‘sushila’ (that’s the name I know, it’s a “pohe” kinda preparation using puffed rice.) My friend was not very anxious about making “sushila” at that time, so I tried to defer the temptation. But finally I made it at 4 am and we both savored that like anything! LOL!

Coming back to current situation... my cravings for variety of food is consistent, but the ready availability of quality & specialized restaurants has vanished! Result is ... me spending lot of time in kitchen and grocery stores :). Not bad, I feel this is a good experience and I'm getting closer to home-office balance!

So here's my divine revelation: yes, I am foodie-goodie, a gourmet in true sense who can even take the efforts of cooking something from scratch, only to enjoy it once!

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Blogger Sunita said...

I can relate since I have been in & out of these 'I love cooking' moods.

5/11/2007 4:41 AM  
Blogger Risha said...

lovely!!! let me know in case you need any recipes ;) I miss cooking big time.
btw...i wanna eat pav bhaji, its been 5 months tht i had pav bhaji, this gonna hunt for it here :-)
Happy cooking.

5/14/2007 5:26 AM  
Blogger Sunita said...

hey time to do the tag now ..comeon

6/01/2007 1:42 AM  

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