Thursday, July 21, 2005

Just the moment & its silence...

Wake up early... at 6:00 am... and go for Bird watching. Take the country boat to go through narrow canals and watch… watch the birds, listen to the silence & breathe the healthy air… Bask into the forest and cherish the moment… get close to nature, get close to the serene self.
Get back to hotel… row through the lagoon to your cottage. Have a lemon tea and watch the cormorants fishing… This was Kumarakom.
Leave for another beautiful place… enjoy the drive… keep the windows open & breathe the healthy, fresh air…
Wait for the eve… lay down in the pool - talking to the rain drops merging in the water below, letting them hit you, doing nothing, seeing the light house in the midst of backwaters…think of the sunset cruise… sound of the flutist… thoughts about nothing… just the moment & its silence.

This was just one day of our most beautiful holiday – kerala and so the ideal celebration of our wedding anniversary.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Recent learning

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