Wednesday, March 30, 2005

First time when I was overjoyed and second time again…

I purchased a bicycle yesterday… just felt like sharing this joy with all!
I remember the first time I got my bicycle, I was happy like anything. It was in my seventh standard. My dad also remembers that event.
I’ve decided to go for a morning ride everyday and use this bicycle for short distances (to save pollution). Hmm, good resolution…. I pray it should last! Amen.

Anyways, I am happy for my new bike :))

Monday, March 14, 2005

Thank You

Most of us have a habit of saying ‘Thank You’ to anyone who serves us in any way. Say a shop keeper or a Office-Boy. Some of us also criticize this habit saying ‘Good that you don’t thank your bed after getting up in morning, ha ha ha!’ Sounds funny to me too :).
Some of us also say that it is too formal to thank for obvious favors. I do not agree. People don’t have to do what they are doing.

I have a habit of saying ‘Thank you’ to Auto Rickshaw driver whenever I leave a rickshaw. Not all of them realize that I mean it. Day before yesterday, I hired an auto to take me home… and said ‘thank-you’ as usual. I was able to notice the smile on his face :).

Kindness pays! It made my day as well as his day!