Wednesday, February 23, 2005

PUNE trafffffic!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time I used to be proud to tell others that I live in a beautiful place called Pune. Today when I talk to others I am just unable to feel the same content and satisfaction.

We say it is an education centre and a developed city with very good culture… I wonder how!
Where does the civilization go when we drive on road… when we walk on road?

It needs nothing but common sense to have disciplined traffic. Every time I am on road, I get the absolute feeling of staying in a remote village named something like ‘punegaon’. Here no one is educated and no one is civilized. Everyone knows a single rule - ‘survival of the fittest’.

All of us admire the disciplined road sense in western countries. What do you think makes those roads so clean & nice – the government? NO…. it’s the civic sense among those people. The sense of responsibility towards society makes each one of them a prudent citizen.

Whereas when we talk about Indian roads, it’s a nightmare for many of us. But what’s the use abusing all the while… there is no outcome of criticizing the policemen even. The improvement has to start from somewhere. And it has to start from within of every individual. I have decided to join the Save-Pune-Traffic-Movement. It has a mission to create a paradigm shift and drive the transformation of Pune traffic by us, i.e. the responsible and cognizant citizens!
Shantanu says he doesn’t need to join any Movement or so to be determined to follow traffic rules. But how long does that determination sustain? And moreover, do we afford to loose this determination again and again? NO. It’s high time now. We have to be very very serious about this, stop criticizing others and do whatever possible to save our beautiful city.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Last week I saw ‘BLACK’…. Felt like writing a review about it.It’s a brilliantly created movie! Shantanu & I were very happy to see betterment in Hindi cinema.
The movie is all about a blind, deaf & so dumb girl, who is treated as mentally retarded by all starting from her father :(
And then comes the magician teacher… Mr. Bachchan, who changes her life & makes everyone realize her existence. I will suggest everyone to watch it with hope that it will definitely help improve the life of such unfortunate people.