Friday, October 28, 2005


Last few weeks have been very busy… lossa work in office… lossa pre-marriage stuff to do for my bro’s wedding…
There is really nothing to write…

One think amazing that happened – 2 weeks back, we trekked up the Sinhgarh early in the morning. It was action-packed and enchanting! Definitely work waking up at 5 am :).
Best part was that my legs weren’t paining that bad the next day. Cool, I m not really unfit :)
That reminds me about another thing I did - have my cholesterol check up done… No-one actually asked me to do that but I felt I should have track.
It’s absolutely normal and I am free to eat as much as cheese as I want :))

Coming months are gonna be even busier… Diwali to celebrate, project going live, bro getting married, house-warming to be done and what not!