Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yippee! Just booked a brand new Santro xing XL :)
Cool sexy black colored and pined since long!
Awaiting delivery of the car…

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Crazy days…

Thursday morning: we are already in the long-weekend mood… everyone from the house is going out of station… wow… will enjoy solitude

Thursday eve: Oh shit… big boss (the same one who didn’t know that going to India needs a Visa LOL) just mailed about the work coming for the weekend… no……………
But I have to accept this since I am the only resource in the company who has worked on that project… in fact I sustained in the lay-off coz I worked on this project… HMMMMM alright!

Friday morning: tried to push the existing work to others so that I can start on the weekend stuff and finish early…. NO dear… u cannot get away with this…
Okay… need to come to office on Saturday… called up my hubby and guess what he says? He has to go to his office on Sunday!!!!! MANN…. Two s/w ppl form a bad couple!

Anyways… Friday eve: Big boss says I need to finish some task by 9PM… Oh GOD… don’t do this to me… I need to attend a family dinner which was postponed for me since last week… No, I need to say no to this.
Said ‘no’ for 9 PM, but promised that I’ll work after the dinner and finish stuff by 1 AM. Good going girl!
Hurried home, had to wear a saree for the family dinner, duh! Anyways…
Had dinner, everyone had a discussion out there about my crazy work timing… and of-course had pity on the s/w breed!
Came back soon… feeling sleepy… but I have to do this since I committed. Alright, let’s get started… Oh NO…… broadband account is discontinued… man… my company doesn’t even handle the broadband accounts properly
1 AM has been promised to the Client too….. Anyways… Take a deep breath…
Called up the manager and told him about this tragedy and agreed that I’ll go to office early morning and do it before UK morning (Client is in UK, thank god!).

Friday night: sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Saturday morning: I don’t have the office keys… (Our multinational office is not open 24 hours. We are supposed to get the key from whoever has it, whenever we need it)
Back to the topic… got the keys from a colleague… a sin in my plate… woke him at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning. Being nice, he said “It’s OK”.

Let me not stretch this jinx description long…

Saturday eve: Had a crazy day… Client kept suggesting new changes, had to co-ordinate with various internal teams, etc etc.

The finale…. Saturday late eve: I lost the office keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit… I have to lock the office, without which I cannot go home…. Godddddddd, this is too much for a day….
I called up the manager who, I knew has another key… he was enjoying in camp with his family… another sin of the day…. I made him go to his home, collect the key and come here to help me lock the office!

And did I mention that I have to come to office tomorrow too, since the broadband is not working?
Nah… not again!

Composed @ Saturday 9/12/2006 09:34:00 PM