Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Already started the day in a bad mood … How can one NOT get frustrated after driving for a complete hour (usually it takes 20 minutes!) in traffic as insane as it could be?
I was trying hard not to get annoyed, even increased the radio-volume to the fullest so that I do not hear the needless honks. I reached office and was already thinking “What a great day!”

I started my Outlook; saw many mails from Client for stupid-unintelligent changes; OK, Now I have to do this … Mujhe hi shauk tha na PSO mein kaam karneka!
Meanwhile, also checked my Yahoo mails and then turned to 'My Yahoo'. Let’s see what my horoscope says…

“The concept of having fans is nothing new to fire signs like you. In addition to the well-known hypnotic effect that fire has on us all, the energy and enthusiasm you guys put out can't help but attract a following. At the moment, however, you'd better wield this weapon carefully, because your already lethal charm will be even more irresistible. It won't just be tough to say no to you, it will be downright impossible -- for mere mortals, anyway.”

Oh Oh Oh… Not a bad day :)
I am feeling better…

( Forget about the truth of this forecast, at least it made me smile and I am sure the astrologer is a Sagi-fan ;) )