Thursday, December 16, 2004

How does it feel when you grow a year older?

“Birthday” or “Natal Day” is a different concept for everyone. I don’t really feel anything great on this day. But whenever I tell someone that it’s my birthday today, the reaction is always “O My God, why are you working in office today?” :)

One thing I always do is counting the number of years I’ve been in this world. Then I can boss on my juniors by saying that I have seen those many summers/winters more than them :) (There is a similar saying in Marathi). Coming back to the topic, another thing I do is getting gifts from loved ones. This time, I didn’t feel like asking for any gift. Is this an indication that I have grown up to a matured lady and I am no more a young bubbly girl? Oh no, this doesn’t sound very pleasing!

Another excitement for birthday is getting loads of mails and cards. By receiving a mail, I really feel happy that people still remember me. Also, I fear of the day when despite being my birthday, my inbox will be empty saying “there are no new messages for u and no-one remembers u”! Huh, scary!

I wonder why do we celebrate birthdays? They say "Another year has come full circle... Time to celebrate! Happy Birthday". In fact you’ve grown a year older, which means now you have to be more matured with new responsibilities. You are no more excused for making silly mistakes that teen-agers make. Also, it’s gratifying to get surprise gifts, cut a cake and get phone calls at 12 O-clock.

However I wonder and wonder how do you exactly feel when you grow a year older?