Tuesday, September 11, 2007

News that grab my attention....

London's Harrods hires cobra to guard 62,000 pound shoes

Bin Laden wants 'caravan' of martyrs

Get pregnant and win a car

Sen. Craig: I did nothing 'inappropriate' in airport bathroom

NFL Star, Vick dogfighting charges stir stinging reaction

Warnings could have saved lives at Virginia Tech, report says

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8 things about myself

I have been tagged…. Suni tagged me for 8 things about myself (actually long time back :))

So, here we go. I…
  • love eating, sleeping, shopping
  • enjoy body massages… in short I love self pampering
  • like to work especially when something gets done
  • (sometimes) talk to myself (LOL)
  • enjoy hanging out with friends, family but also love to be alone sometimes
  • (sometimes) hide things from others (like I used to shop lift when I was in school :D)
  • Pamper my loved ones (especially younger ones, which I don’t have many LOL)
  • love receiving gifts :)
I tag poonam, aniket, panku, sangeetha, Amey

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Show Low Camping

Camping experience
Originally uploaded by a m i t a
This was my first camping experience... it was awesome... good gang and great weather! A very nice break from phoenix heat :)

few good things happened to me in this trip...
- I saw kids playing watching the rainbow in the sky ... frankly
speaking i don’t remember the last time when i stood quietly and
admired a rainbow

- i fell down and scratched my elbow... (lill bit though) cool... i
feel alive... again long time i got a scratch!

- setting the tent was an adventure... just after we set up the tent,
it started raining heavily. two of us went to the nearest walmart and got a tarp/ shamiyana kinda thing to give us some shelter. By the time we were done making all these arrangements, it started pouring like crazy... that’s when we sat under the tarp and played cards... was lots fun!

- we did barbeque and campfire too.... after the campfire, we went
inside one of our tents and played cards again; the night was chilly, especially for the desert animals like us :P

- one thing didn't happen that i expected was... bears :P... i had
full plans for taking a bear-portrait :)

all in all.... great experience!

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