Friday, October 30, 2009


Hmm… I got a new machine in office and have this spare time till I copy all my data from old laptop. In a way good that I have some free time and can write a blog!

What do I write.. Hmm… I donno… when I started this blog, my idea was to update it with random thoughts and experiences. But right now, I have been through so many varied experiences and not blogged about a single thing, I’m clue-less what to write about!

Well, lemme start with what all happened…

We went to India… came back… I got pregnant… figured out it’s a boy... and I always wanted a son, although Shantanu wanted a daughter! Pregnancy was awesome, I loved being slow paced, hearing those kicks, following babycenter emails and knowing all the tiny details of what’s cooking in there. At later stages, I loved eating, eating and eating :). And the best of all was the delivery… Can you believe a mom saying I loved giving birth? LOL.. well, you guessed right, it was a C-Section! And I never got any labour pain at all (At ALL! ).. :) isn’t it awesome… get a baby and that too without any pain :)… I love medical science and their technology advances!

We recorded Riyaan’s arrival, I remember how I was reminding Shantanu to take photos too, while undergiong the surgery (photos not of me, but of the baby). Sunayana, Mom and Shantanu were (I think) tensed but I was very happy to go through a surgery. As I said earlier, I’m amazed by how they do the whole process. Cut layers of skins and stuff, take the baby out and then stitch all the layers without a single goof-up… just amazing!

It’s funny in office when other now-moms share scary stories and when I pass by, I mention, yeah, it was all very nice, interesting!

Anyway… Riyaan’s first birthday is coming (this is what I had originally written… now the birthday is already past!)… time goes by so fast!