Friday, December 09, 2005

Weddings weddings and weddings…

It’s been long that I updated my blog… Actually I didn’t find anything to write about in those mundane chores that I’ve been doing lately… To bring some change in life, God arranged two weddings in my family. I was excited for the first ceremony… and soon I got bored of things like wrapping gifts, writing names on gift tags (u wont believe – I never wrote so much of marathi in my years till now); then things like getting ready, applying mehandi; shaping nails, putting on saree and along with all this heavy makeup behaving as a responsible host!

One of the most frequent and difficult situations for me was to explain people that what I was wearing as a necklace is actually made of Gold. Those aunty-people just don’t digest the funda of gold jewellery that doesn’t shine – forget telling about antique finish! They don’t even ignore… people will come to you and ask ‘beta you should’ve been wearing gold jewellery!’ (Godd, save me!!!)

After doing loads (literally loads) of work and listening to heavy doses of sermons about ‘why is having a kid at 25 important?’ I am damn tired of all these things and want to go to a totally undisclosed place with no one around for some time at least. This wish being almost impractical, I am looking forward to a quality holiday on some beach with Shantanu and couple of friends.

Ohhh… how can I forget … I have two more weddings to attend in December :(

Hey … one exciting thing happened today… went triple seat with two of my friends (girls). Though silly, it was fun. It’s almost 3 years or more that I last did it. I remember it was with Mariyam and Madhu & we were even caught by police :))