Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Working from home…

Wow... I am writing a blog after many many days! Morning 8 o' clock... didn’t feel like leaving my bed just because I didn’t want to go to the same boring place again!
Started the laptop and wrote an email to my current PM... 'Working from home; available on skype and on phone. Thanks!’ Guess what…. My PM is also working from home today baby sitting his daughter :)

So, here’s what I feel are the advantages of working from your own cozy room…

  • Save petrol
  • Eat home made food for lunch
  • Avoid machine made coffee
  • Answer one email and get into to your work (non-official)
  • Answer another email and get back to your work (non-official)
  • Officially have a siesta :)
  • Blame network connectivity for not completing as much work as you would do in office
  • Have lots of satisfaction for self pampering and gain peace of mind!

[Provided - although being a person with morale you can afford to work less on that day!]